Agro Chemicals Industries Ltd. (ACI) was established in 1987 to import and export of agricultural production supplies such as pesticides, fertilizers and equipments.


We have new automatic fully production lines and filling machines fully to produce different types of various pesticides (Insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, herbicides, public health pesticides, rodenticides, household products …ect. ) in different formulations (EC,SC,SL,F,WP,DP…etc.).All these products are officially registered in Jordan and meets the standards set by international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) etc.


Our company import raw materials from various sources in the world and locally whenever this is available, especially packaging materials and other production inputs.


Our company owns a lot of technical expertise that qualifies it to keep pace with scientific development in the field of pesticides with along experience to run the company in addition to it's commitment with several researches institutions in the field of development and quality control.


The Company asserts it's commitment to developing it's products and preserve our environment to keep with developments in the field of environmental management and safety for its belief that safe & clean product with clean environment are the way to keep it's place at the forefront of leading the market.


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